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Sam Huleatt’s Beautiful and Bold 2008 Predictions

In no particular order:

  1. It still looks, feels and tastes like 2007. [Brilliant Post]
  2. The domain real-estate business is going to blow up. Thrice this week I heard someone describe a business model involving the purchase of high-octane URLs as key to strategy…twice from startups and once from an investment firm. Tactics are already gaining sophistication and personal real estate is key to social graph identity
  3. Web 2.0 upstarts not generating cash from either subscription or freemium business models are out like cassette tapes. Likewise, models relying on 1) network critical mass and 2) cash flow from ads become very difficult to fund (Sorry meetoo! SN’s)
  4. Niche social networks will become the norm as a medium for brands to connect with customers. Think about it, for relatively small amounts of capital, brands can reap huge ROI numbers. Plus, let’s face it — micro sites are so 2002. Try these impressive statistics: 1) Repeat website visitors are 57% more likely to make a purchase and 2) Based on McKinsey Consulting research, online communities result in customers 9x more engaged and who stay 5x longer than websites without communities.
  5. PR goes enfuego. Sure startups are great, but they are nothing without good PR machines. PR firms will be snatched up (see 7) and attractive women vlogers who ‘talk tech’ can name their salary. Attention college seniors!
  6. The social enterprise application space will see revolutionary new products. The term ‘enterprise 2.0′ dies off because it’s meaningless jargon used by elder-bubble men
  7. The VC model continues to go hybrid. Following pioneers like Founders Fund and Y Combinator, more VCs will emerge, team up and move toward the incubator model. Many VCs will look to snatch up PR firms, SEO, etc as value-added buys supporting their portfolio companies
  8. Yahoo stages a comeback. Too many smart people and too many good properties. Someone is bound to do something right eventually. Oh, and they have cash
  9. East coast entrepreneurs are going to gain some serious respect. Maybe they’re at a boil on the west coast, but things have only begun to simmer here. Sure we’re a bit slow to show and dress like dorks, but the finance boys in suits will show everyone ‘how we roll’…(e.g. not ad supported and with paying customers J)
  10. Undoubtedly my most controversial prediction: Apple and the RedSox. Everyone loves the underdog until the underdog becomes the bully. Look for backlash from fans and sub-par 2008 performances from at least one

    Bonus: I get booted from Facebook, write a post explaining how idiotic they are being and my account is re-instated in 48 hours

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    • JR

      Nice predictions. Here are a few reactions:

      1) Fascinating. Ha!

      4) I agree here but don’t think that these will be large facebook style networks. They will be small networks that are part of loyalty programs and will be integrated into the online shopping experience. It’s more enhanced shopping then social networking. The idea being that, I trust my friends (or my network) more then ad.

      6) Revolutionary and dominating! (WS)

      9) I like the attitude. It’s like old school gangster rap gone Web 2.0

      10) Sorry Red Socks but Apple is going to kick some serious ass in ’08. Start buying stock now because this baby’s goin’ up.

    • Nice mix of predictions… reading in between the lines, college seniors replace elder bubble men!? And someone should definitely write a book on the golden age of domain name real-estate riches. Posted the article to Digg.

    • Sam

      JR – Agreed. They will be small, niche social networks (SN in the sense of community not necessarily architecture). In 2008 everything becomes social…good video here: http://valleywag.com/336972/facebook-worth-5-billion-7-billion-tops

      Also, you may be right that Apple has a banner year again, but we shall see!

      Paul – Thanks so much for digging the article! I’m happy to help co-author

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