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The Turning Girl IQ Test

This is pretty amazing! [from readnrock blog] — Which way is she turning in the image above?

If you see this lady turning clockwise you are using your right brain.

If you see her turning anti-clockwise, you are using your left brain.

Some people can see her turning both ways, but most people see her only one way.

See if you can make her go one way and then the other by shifting the brain’s current.

If you can switch between seeing her turn either way at will without shifting your gaze, your IQ is above 160 … which is almost at genius level!

This was devised at Yale University for a 5 year study on the human brain and its functions.

Only 14% of the US population can see her move both ways

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  • You might want to check this:

    I found this consistent with the results of your image visualization :)

  • You might want to check this:

    I found this consistent with the results of your image visualization :)

  • seastead

    This is the coolest thing I've seen in a long time (ever maybe)
    I've tested it on a bunch of people. Amazing.

    Nice blog.'ll be visiting your and sending it to all my friends and colleagues.

  • Weird.

    Anyone looking at this may be interested to know that researchers have now shown we can increase our IQ by training.

    If you haven't seen Susanne Jaeggi and Martin Buschkuehl's study on Training Working Memory (PNAS), you should check it out. Jaeggi and Buschkuehl's team recorded increases in mental agility (fluid intelligence) of more than 40% after 19 days of focused training with a dual n-back progressive method.

    I was so impressed that I contacted the research team and developed a software program using the same method so that anyone can achieve these improvements at home.
    http://www.iqtesttraining.com – IQ Training Program


  • Hi Martin,

    Thanks for the heads up on the Training Working Memory report/product.

    Have you seen the recent study indicating that kids who are raised to
    believe that they can improve their circumstances (becomes smarter by
    studying, get wealthy by working hard, etc) fair significantly better?
    (I'll see if I can find a link)

  • Hi Seastead,

    I'm not sure I have a flash version but I'll check. Thanks so much for
    the kind words and support! Always great to hear!


  • seastead

    Hey Sam,

    Thanks for getting back to me. No worries about the falsh It's a series of
    34 gifs and I was able to pull them from the source.


  • Adam

    This is one of the coolest things I've ever seen.

  • de ann

    can someone seeing her turn to left explain her position please?

  • It took me a bit to be able to see her turning counter clockwise, but I can see it now.

    The way I was able to do so was by concentrating on the shadow of the foot. Concentrate on that and you will likely see her start to go the other way…it's really neat to see.

  • dfx13

    Look at her hips. When the legs start to overlap each other you should be able to make her go the other direction.

  • trio

    this is a gif…which contains 34 stills, u can call it as frames…and there are few frames…for which its hard to tell whetehr she is using her right or left leg.since all frames are pure balck and white…we are not getting pure 3d view there.this is happening for most of the images…and it has nothing to do with the brain..since we can can switch between seeing her legs either way at will without shifting your gaze.
    since its not pure 3D…if some can make this stuff having her legs painted with diffrent colors…i don think this will workout…

  • I see her moving clockwise (that is, the leg sticking out is coming TOWARD me when it's on her right side and going AWAY from me when it's on her left side) or counterclockwise depending where in the image my focus is.

    Do I get minions?

  • Is this for real? I can make her go one way and the other, but I would not say I am a genius nor that my IQ is above 160…

  • mercedes benzedrine

    it's ” counter-clockwise” genius'.

  • She's moving clockwise…

  • Alfico

    enyone see her going back & forth ? (180 deg.)

  • Jennifer Reuting

    I don't understand why they say you can't train your brain. When I first looked at this, there was seemingly no way that I could see her moving clock-wise. Then, I look away, look back and see it. Now, after a few minutes, I am able to switch back and forth at will without looking away. Isn't that proof enough that with some time and patience you can teach your brain to work this way?

  • I can see her moving both the ways without shifting my gaze

    Naruto Ninja

  • This is absolutely fascinating, and I will tell the readers on my blog about it. May I use the animation? If so, who should I credit?

  • Hey Brian…tell anyone about it you like. You can say you saw it here
    first but I'm not the creator. I'm not sure who the credit should go

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  • ami

    just look at her legs as they meet and then think your going to see her spin the other way…

  • Elis Alia

    This is very simple. You are able to make her turn either direction at will by manipulating her legs. Although I have to disagree on theory of potentially rendering somebody a genius by their sense of perception. Although this was devised at Yale, it seems a little far fetched. IQ is measured on all senses, creativity etc and not just perception.

  • Pan

    I love this. Although I'm not convinced of it being a proper IQ test, it clearly helps you distinguish which hemisphere (right brain or left brain) is dominant while you are watching her move and also learn how to switch hemispheres.

    *SPOILER ALERT* If you can only see her moving clockwise (right brain dominant), just start to read the sentence under the picture and she should switch to counter-clockwise (reading is a left-brained activity) almost instantly.

    This is a blast to share with friends. Thanks for posting it.

  • naleen


  • bba

    nice tits though ;P

  • thinking

    …i can make her dance now haha

  • mauricio

    my I can do both turns…. good to know…. but is this really reliable… should i believe this>>>???

  • Bagher Hoseinpour

    this is really amazing. I can see her turning not only in bothe left and right sides, but aslo in two other dimensions she turns too, not in 360 degree but in 180 degree. i mean in one position, you can see just her back side. she starts to turn right from (0) degree until (180) degree and as she arrives to 180, turns back to left toward the (0) degree so, this turnings repeats without complete cycling and in all movings you can see her just back side. this was position one.
    at position two, you see her front side and she never turn you here back side. this is the same as position one in (0) degree up to (180) degree.
    so in your outstanding work you four turnings or directions.
    with regards,
    Hoseinpour, Iran

  • Doug

    This is cool. For me: clockwise by default. With luck, counter-clockwise if I look at it the right way and maybe blink for 1 second or so. It's also easier to flip when looking away from the screen (like when I type this).

    The right brain, left brain angle seems very dubious. The IQ thing is also a bit sketchy, but it's about controlling attention, so that is related to intelligence.

    Which way she spins is more about what information you're using, and how you're using it, to decide which way she's spinning. It's ambiguous. The fact that most people see her going clockwise is probably just a bias that we have for certain types of motion, when all things are equal.

    Here is a question: which way does she turn when you look at the screen upside-down? She still goes clockwise for me by default, but since it's upside-down, that's the other way!

    I can't seem to find the study at Yale that is using this stimulus. That makes me think that part of the story is BS. Anyone have a link?

    Still very cool though!

  • Wop

    yeah this is obviously an optical illusion. im not sure it has so much to do with IQ or left brain/right brain at all. the illusion is probably made by how your perception is coordinating the shadow with the actual dancer. If you think the shadow is moving across the bottom when her leg is in front of her, she appears to move clockwise. However, if you perceive the shadow as moving across the bottom when her leg is facing away from you, the dancer will seem to move in the opposite direction.(scroll down to chop off everything but the top 3/4 of the image to see what i mean) the difficulty of this test is really more of an illusion that deals with how your brain is capable of discarding previous assumptions as to the behavior of a visual stimulus. highly doubtful this has anything to do with iq

  • Kurokawa

    it's persistance of vision. if you want to control her just squeeze the muscles around your eyes. this seems to affect which of the sets of frames your seeing. i put in evidence the fact that her leg cant be at both sides at once unless it's actually moving incredibly fast and taking advantage of persistance of vision. like how a tyre looks like it's going backwards at speed.

  • justkiddin

    yeah.. can see that she ain't wearin any bra nor underwear…. both clock or counterclockwise… it doesn't matter… haha…

  • ya

    i can see her both ways : ) you have to trick your mind and use both sides of your brain.

  • elena

    Hi! Is this sure? because I show it to lots of people and all can see her turning both ways..all of them i think so..everyone can see her turning..

  • elena

    Hi! Is this sure? because I show it to lots of people and all can see her turning both ways..all of them i think so..everyone can see her turning..

  • Chris Peanudel

    Its a trick.. Its changing the way it turns on its own making you think its you doing it. Clever..

  • Chris Peanudel

    Its a trick.. Its changing the way it turns on its own making you think its you doing it. Clever..

  • ok, I did this and I got genius, without shifting my gaze but I aint so it's bollocks!

  • amazing!!

  • sharon687987687

    i can like… watch her ankle and turn her to the right and left…
    and make her go different ways but i don't think i am that smart though…

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  • Phil

    YESSSSS!!!!!! I did it!!!!! I made her turn the other way by looking at her reflection on the floor and then looking up at her. But I'm pretty sure I'm not a genius, and this test is just a trick to make people feel bad about how chickenshit dumb they are… Don't even bother trying.

  • Colin

    she's a babe!!! Schwing!!!

  • No you have to look straight at her. If you shift your eyes that does not count.

  • Look straight at her for a time and do not blink your eyes. Now blink your eyes and she will turn in the opposite direction.

  • Brandon

    The Way I got her to move back and forth over and over again was just by using some critical reasoning while I stared at her, I basically considered random things. Whenever I felt some emotion she would change directions, and whenever I understood something to be a fact she changed to the other direction. It was interesting because at first i didn’t notice her changing directions until I was reading the description under her, and then as I encountered thoughts while i was reading, she would flip. So I found from that experience I could make her change over and over again pretty fast that way, and it was fun trying to see how fast I could get her to do it. I think i had her flip 5 or 6 times right in a row intentionally, not shifting my eyes either, so I’d recommend just try encountering thoughts like you would while reading, reasoning, anything to that extent and she’ll flip a bunch.