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The 20 Percent

If you simply read the headlines, you’d think that the economy — or at least spending by the average consumer — is on the comeback:

Thanksgiving Day saw an 18% increase in online spending to $479 million.

U.S. consumers have spent $12.7 billion already in the first 25 days of the November to December 2011 holiday season, up 15% from the corresponding days last year.

Sounds good, until you remember that the income gap is real and the average consumer doesn’t matter so much in the broader context:

When discussing “the consumer,” it is important to remember that in reality, “the consumer” is the top 20% of income earners and then everybody else. The top 20% of income earners (who own about 80-90% of the equity market) account for about 40-45% of all spending in the economy.

via Business Insider and TechCrunch

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  • seocompany delhi

    I enjoyed the entire article.

  • bpanuva bpatel

    I also did some of these Billions. Because on-line shopping now become secure & we can get more discounts. 

  • Yeah man, we live in a society of consumers. The population of the planet more and more so the cost will increase each year.