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Quora as Brand

I’m back!

In 2009 I wrote a post about why I thought Facebook was going to be HUGE (like Bible huge) by noting that Facebook was the most searched for term on the web.

Well it’s 2012 and now I am super impressed with Quora. No, it’s not a Facebook scale company in the making — but here is why I believe it’s disruptive. Quora is a brand that stands for the best answer.

Now I am biased because I work in tech and have a disproportionate number of questions and information I seek that relates to the type of information Quora caters to. That said, in at least 30-40% of my Google searches I now append the word “quora” at the end.

Example: Mother’s day is coming up and we’re planning on a dinner in New Haven. I went to Google and searched:

best restaurants new haven quora

BAM: http://www.quora.com/What-are-good-restaurants-in-New-Haven-CT

Simple. Successful. I am guaranteed that the top answer is non-SEO’d bullshit and I get the added benefit that many Quora users have tastes similar to my own.

I’d also note that I much prefer searching for Quora answers using Google than with Quora’s own search engine. In fact, if I were Quora, I’d focus on getting more people to search the way I do rather than using Quora as a portal in and of itself.


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  • I recognized that I sometimes do the same. Quora’s quality rivals Wikipedia, but Quora is based more on opinions than pure facts.