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Are We Better Informed Than Ever Before?

scotch on the rocks


I watched a recent Stocks and Scotch video featuring Howard Lindzon, Felix Salmon, Henry Blodget and two others discussing the future of media.

One of Henry’s comments stuck out to me: “we are better informed than ever”.

I’m sure overall it’s true — after all, information has been democratized. As recently as our parents’ generation, most Americans were limited to a couple of news sources (your local newspaper and a few TV channels). That said, I also find myself falling into the trap of consuming endless amounts of niche information – the long-tail of what I’m most passionate about.

As a result I often feel I live in a bubble of sorts: on any given day I’m much better informed of Twitter’s stock price or the latest profiled AngelList company than I am on what’s happening in say Somalia. 25 years ago, my news sources may have been more limited, but perhaps I would be a “better informed” citizen.

This was the first Stocks and Scotch episode I’ve seen and it’s definitely worth a watch. And speaking of changes in media — I had no idea Google offered a service called Hangouts on Air . Free. Incredible.