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Brands and Marketing

Visualizations as Business Intelligence

Very cool — I have recently noticed a number of startups such as Betterworks and Square making use … read more »


Startup Marketing Plan: Reverse Engineer Memes

Memes are cultural units, such as ideas, values or patterns of behavior that are passed from one person … read more »


Startup Marketing Plan: Building a Foundation for Buzz

In my opinion, the foundation for marketing any new concept has two objectives: 1)    Create a snowball effect … read more »


Social Capital + Facebook Photos = Advertising Nirvana?

While on Facebook this afternoon I stumbled across a few funny photos where someone had apparently used Photoshop … read more »


Thoughts on Tumblr, Twitter, Zentact and Bit.ly

Tumblr’s Merry Christmas. It was great to see Tumblr picked up $4.5M in a series B. I love … read more »