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Notes from Peter Thiel’s Singularity Summit Talk (2009)

Today was the first time I’ve had a chance to hear Peter Thiel talk live and he did … read more »


The Phrase Enterprise 2.0 Is a Problem

I have been following the progress of FASTforward 2008 with great interest. My new project – Workstreamer – … read more »


That frigtard thinks Windows is a superior operating system to Mac OS X

The Urban Dictionary is a great site: See here ‘Frigtard’ is a great new word:  Frig (derivative of … read more »


Your Facebook Profile is Worth $306.12

  I don’t have much to say on Facebook/Microsoft deal, expect to say, “wow, that’s a lot of … read more »


The Steve Ballmer Ballad

From the comments of a great blog (see my analysis below): Ravi on October 2nd, 2007: It is … read more »