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Startup Marketing Plan: Reverse Engineer Memes

Memes are cultural units, such as ideas, values or patterns of behavior that are passed from one person … read more »


Startup Marketing Plan: Building a Foundation for Buzz

In my opinion, the foundation for marketing any new concept has two objectives: 1)    Create a snowball effect … read more »


Understand the Difference Between Grassroots and Viral

Thursday I attended the TechCrunch/Austin Ventures panel: “The Web Starts at the Grassroots.â€� Eric Schonfeld of TechCrunch was … read more »


WrapMail: Making Email More Viral

I don’t often review companies anymore. However WrapMail is a company worth talking about, especially in light of … read more »


Why You Need to Launch with Premium Features

My last post talked about Rene Girard and the concept of mimetic desire. I want to continue with … read more »