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Social Good Startup Competition: October 2nd

I’m really excited to be participating in an awesome startup event being run in tandem with The Feast … read more »


When Does Crisis Become Opportunity?

The New York Times has an article in today’s Real Estate section containing the following: Five or 10 … read more »


The Landscape for Innovation is Unchanged

I have a great deal of respect for angel investor and entrepreneur Martin Varsavsky, however, I disagree with … read more »


Is it Time to Get Emotional Over Software?

“Welcome. You’ve Got Mail!â€� When Gmail first launched, it was superior to AOL email in every way but … read more »


The Feast: Social Innovation Conference Comes to New York

I’m VERY excited about attending (and covering) All Day Buffet’s first major conference: The Feast.  I encourage anyone … read more »