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Facebook Pages: The Myth, the Legend, the Lameness

Still Puzzled…

I still have not heard back from Facebook regarding what I allegedly did wrong. However Facebook did indicate that it removed one of my pages! I cannot figure out if this actually happened, but if it did, Facebook is on my shit list. All FB needed to do was politely inform me, take over the disputed Page (brand) and then give the Page to its ‘rightful’ owners. I use ‘rightful’ loosely. There is nothing indicating authentication is necessary to register a Page, so anyone should be able to do what I have done without consequence. Plus, why erase a group that has a bunch of members? That is great way to hurt a brand, not help it.

Member Growth Update…

Despite the aforementioned mess, some interesting stuff has been brewing. While all the Facebook Pages I created have been doing well attracting members (see exception below), the 24 and Ralph Lauren pages have been doing the best:

24 facebook jack bauer

I have included some analytics below and I fully expect by tomorrow to have 600 members for 24.

polo versus 24 jack bauer facebook pages

At this point I feel badly that the Page isn’t more interactive but I simply don’t have any time or desire to really optimize the page with feeds, trailers, contests, etc.

Fred Helps Out…Peter…

The day I decided to create these pages my good friend Peter was also at work. We decided to each create one VC firm page– I took Kleiner Perkins and he, Sequoia. I was in the lead with Kleiner’s 6 members, that is until Fred Wilson blogged about Sequoia being on Facebook. Little did he know who actually operated the Page he linked to. Now Sequoia is over 100 members in just a few days and Kleiner is still stuck at 6. Lame.

***One trivial annoyance (I also have grievances) with Facebook Pages is that brands cannot be friends with each other. Sequoia cannot be a friend of Kleiner, or vice versa.

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