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Where’s the Enterprise App Store?

Update: Not to toot my own horn, but four months later and here it is


First, congratulations to @pistachio on the launch of OneForty! It’s awesome to see such great initial uptake and press; rumors of a Twitter buyout certainly don’t hurt either :)

My question: where is the enterprise app store?

While I know the social business and enterprise 2.0 space as well as anyone, I still find myself frequently “googlingâ€� to find solutions and reviews: should I use MailChimp or Constant Contact? Yammer or SocialCast? SurveyMonkey or What’s better to use as an extranet: or

App stores are brilliant because once they gain traction, they control information and user flow. Salesforce has had breakout success with its platform because it controls audience – anyone building a sales tool knows they need to work with Salesforce to be successful. Monetizing an apps store platform is pretty straightforward (read what OneForty is doing here) and in the enterprise space this can easily translate to big dollars.

As businesses of all kinds increasingly embrace social business and social business design, the ability to quickly find and evaluate solutions will be critical. Whoever controls the “routing board� to the social business ecosystem is going to kill.

Update: I understand that what I am talking about above (and are not true app stores; it’s more metaphor. The technicalities of an app store versus a directory is not the point.

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