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Are We Better Informed Than Ever Before?

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I watched a recent webisode of Stocks and Scotch featuring Howard Lindzon, Felix Salmon, Henry Blodget and two others discussing the future of media.

One of Henry’s comments stuck out to me: “we are better informed than ever”.

Directionally I think this is true — after all, information has been democratized. As recently as our parents’ generation, most Americans were limited to a couple of news sources (your local newspaper and a few TV channels). That said, I also find myself falling into the trap of consuming endless amounts of information relevant to certain niches I care about. Based on conversations with friends, I feel that we have the potential to be better informed than ever before, but many of us choose to over index our media consumption in certain areas. We go deep, but not wide.

I still get a paper delivered to me door, partially to keep me from solely existing in my own bubble: on any given day I’m much better informed of Twitter’s stock price or the latest profiled AngelList company than I am on what’s happening in the Middle East or even in US politics. 25 years ago, the news sources may have been more limited, but perhaps I would have been “better informed” citizen.

This was the first Stocks and Scotch episode and it was great. And speaking of changes in media — I had no idea Google offered a service called Hangouts on Air . Free. Incredible.


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