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Performance Round-Up 10/12/2014

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Tons of great content this week:

  • Why Saying Is Believing: The Science of Self Talk [NPR]
  • Why Founders Should Care About Happiness [First Round]
  • How to Get Sleep Before a Big Race (Or Event) [Ben Greenfield]
  • Financial Net Worth Is AboutTime, Not Money [AARP]
  • The Problem with Long Term Thinking [Fool]
  • Keith Rabois Interviewed on How to be a Great COO [DataFox > First Round]
  • How To Be Efficient [Bakadesuyo]
  • The Wisdom of Kevin Kelly [Ben Casnocha]
  • The Science of Conquering Your Greatest Fears [Outside]
  • Jason Calcanis Interviews Camath Palihapitiya [ThisWeekInStartups]
  • How Hard do Founders Work? [EquityKicker]
  • How to Learn Faster [Hitenism]
  • How To Be Absolutely Awesome: Auren Hoffman on Career Advice [Summation]
  • Tim Ferriss Interviews Tony Robbins & Peter Diamandis [Tim Ferriss]
  • Peter Thiel on Why AirBnB Should Be Worth More than Uber [Pando]
  • Guide to Cure a Wine Hangover [WineFolly]




Select Quotes:

Unlike Uber and Lyft, Thiel argued, there is no obvious competitor to Airbnb. That in and of itself makes it [Airbnb] a more valuable company

“Your job as an executive is to edit – not to write. Every time you do something you should think through and ask yourself: am I writing or am I editing? and you should immediately be able to tell the difference.”

“People expect to change little in the future, despite knowing that they have changed a lot in the past,” the authors wrote. “And this tendency bedevils their decisions-making.”

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