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Performance Round-Up: 12/21/2014

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I missed last week so will add a few older links into this round-up.

  • How reading transforms us [NYTimes]
  • WealthPilgrim’s best books of 2014 [WealthPilgrim]
  • [Podcast] Ben Greenfield on how to biohack your home [Ben Greenfield]
  • Outside Magazine writer attempts Navy Seal bootCamp [Outside]
  • [Video] Chris Power’s on the power of Silence [Vimeo]
  • Five Inspirational thought when you’re having a bad day [Pick the Brain]
  • Best TED talk videos from 2014 [TED]
  • What one book should I read in 2015? [Reddit]
  • This one phrase changed my life [Pick the Brain]
  • [Podcast] Dr. Peter Attia on life extension and more [Tim Ferriss]
  • Giver, Taker or Matcher? [Altucher]
  • Bio-hacking 101 [Bulletproof]
  • What’s Next? [AVC]
  • Jerry Colona on depression in entrepreneurship [Brad Feld]
  • Morning rituals that will change your life [Buddhaimonia]
  • A video playlist of amazing life hacks and personal philosophy [Exploring Markets]
  • Is technology speeding up market cycles? [WealthofCommonSense]



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