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Performance Round-Up: 12/28/2014

Bay Lights San Francisco


Happy Holidays!!!


  • The best of Farnam Street 2014 [Farnam Street]
  • Exceptional! – Ryan Holiday with some Stoic thoughts for 2014 [Ryan Holiday]
  • What’s old often becomes new again – the Masonic Order [Phillips]*
  • Is typing with our thumbs changing how we think? [Techcrunch]
  • Five way to ignite your inner power [PicktheBrain]
  • A generational divide in how we give charitably [Riholtz]
  • Finding and keeping ‘stimulation’ in life [Steve Pavlina]
  • How Michael Lewis slows down time [Ben Casnocha]
  • Sequoia Partner Mike Moritz interviewed [Foreign Affairs]
  • Mildly depressing — Are we in ‘Peak American Dream?’ [ZeroHedge]
  • The science of interval training. It works very well. [Biohacks Blog]
  • The Dangerous Conflation of Money and Self-Worth [Chris Yeh]**
  • Pain Creates Gain [NewYorker]
  • Three key points on Leadership [Evan Williams]



  • Password Management [AVC]***
  • The best ways to use Amex Membership reward points [ThePointsGuy]****
  • Skype Translator [Jon Udell]


* Interesting in light of my reading the Fourth Turning

** Such an important theme

*** Trying out Authy mentioned in the post. My last attempt at two factor and Google’s solution was not good

*** There must also be a way to donate points


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