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2020 Technology and Startup Predictions from the Experts

No one can predict the future, but it’s so fun to try! I always enjoy reading technology and startup predictions — it can be informative as to trends and insights the smartest folks are paying attention to. Below is a round-up of predictions from ~40 thought leaders covering everything from future of work, to enterprise SaaS, to crypto, to direct to consumer (D2C).

Varadh Jain – Startup ideas for 2020
Alex Danco – general tech predictions – Extrapolated trends from leading social platforms (Reddit, Pinterest, etc)
Sriram Krishnan – general tech predictions and part 2
Andreas Klinger – remote work predictions
Brian Norgard – Possible next blockbuster products
Brianne Kimmel – future of work focus
Mercedes Bent – (Lightspeed VC) future of work focus
Jeff Morris – startup predictions
Harvey Multani – One upping everyone with 2030 predictions!
Fred Wilson & Albert Wegner – Union Square Ventures tech predictions
European Startup Predictions – collection of top EU founder predictions
Cindy Sridharan – Innovation in the last decade + predictions for the future
Pioneer Startup Themes – Themes wants to fund in 2020
Business Insider roundup – Collection of VC predictions
Fortune – Ideas that will shape 2020
Gartner 2020 Predictions – Enteprise tech focus
Boldstart – Enteprise tech focus
Tom Tunguz – Enteprise tech focus
Brian Armstrong – Crypto
Aaron Holiday – tech predictions from 645 Ventures
Keith Wasserman – proptech focus
Tuner Novak– tech predictions
Eric Friedman – tech predictions
Blake Robbins – eSports focus
Ari Paparo –  adtech focus
Brett Bivens – podcasting focus
Jake Shapiro – podcasting focus
Charley Ma – fintech focus
Cindy Sridharan – Enteprise/developer tooling focus
Byron Wien (Blackstone) – Economic/political focus
John Battelle – General tech predictions
John Hagel – General tech predictions
Azeem Azhar – General tech predictions
Jeff Lonsdale – General tech predictions
Yoni Rechtman – 2020 tech theses

*Know a 2020 tech predictions link I missed? Let me know and I’ll add it.

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